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My name is Karla Luster, I am the founder of Fit Outside the Box. I honestly started Fit Outside the Box because I never felt like I FIT IN to the Fitness Industry– or anywhere else for that matter.

Along my journey, I’ve discovered that fitness was never about “fitting in”. Fitness and life are about finding what works for YOU. When I finally realized this simple fact, I also realized that I was right where I was always meant to be AND I finally could stop trying to fit in.

Learning how to exercise and truly care for my body transformed my life from the inside out. I am committed to providing a life-changing fitness experience every chance I get. 

I’ve watched many people copy me but the truth is, is that there is only ONE YOU. You are here to do something NEW, you are here to DO YOU, boo!

“I love making exercise and self care FUN for my community. If your workouts and your every day self care is not pleasureable, you’re doing it wrong”! Life is too short to be bored.

I still come up with NEW ideas, even though I’ve been a certified Fitness Trainer, Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, in the wellness industry for well over 15 years, changing lives!

That’s how I do– I’m always looking for new ways to mix things up. To create accessible and abundant wellness for others who want more in life than the status quo, default, sedentary lifestyle.