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Everyone is here on purpose, living into that– fully aligned IS living our best life. IS wellness. IS wholeness.

Not living into it means misalignment, aka. dis-ease, disharmony.

A few days ago I hopped on a call with a potential client and when I figured out her life path number– I wasn’t all that shocked to to see that it was the EXACT same as mine (3-5-8).

That’s never happened before. It’s been close but never identical.

I got goose bumps listening to her because I couldn’t help but see myself in nearly everything she expressed. A perfect mirror.

Afterwards, I thought– where was I, the coach I needed, when I needed me?

Life is so funny in that way– how the Universe sends us these obvious mirrors, so that we can get REAL, so we can stop being distracted with all the non-important things.

So that we can ALIGN again and again.

So we can see where we are making things difficult, when they don’t have to be and looking in ALL the wrong places for the solution when we had it all along.

If there is anything in your life that you desire, yet you are not experiencing now, it is lack of alignment.

In others we can always see so CLEARLY.