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Imagine, here you hanging out –chillin’ and someone asks you –
“hey here, can you hold my jacket while I take a run?”
They are familiar so– you say “yea okay, sure.” Then they take off while you are standing there holding their jacket.
Until you realize…. “OH, wait, I have legs. I can run…. I wanna run, I want to play. I want to spell Mississippi and get an A!”
Drop their fucking jacket and start running, or skipping, or squating, or break dancing– this is your movie, so dance.
Make moves.
Here’s the deal– I don’t even know if I should be writing this because I lose motivation sometimes. I wonder “wtf am I to help anyone with their fitness, with their body image, with their mindset and goals in life?”
The question for me is:
Can I help people? Have I helped hundreds of people? Do I LOVE it?
What do I need to do right now to remember why I am here?
Walk outside.
Get dressed (cute).
Be the whole me
Make moves!!
Taking action gets me out of my head and into my body… into this magical thing called life. And fired up!!!
Is it motivation that moves us OR movement that motivates us?
Aka. Chicken before the egg?
We don’t know if it’s the chicken then the egg or if it’s the egg and then the chicken. Maybe we will never know.
But if you’re not motivated to move– then put one foot in front of the other SOMEHOW and I guarantee you, you will be motivated. You might be motivated to stop at some point too but always remember why you started. More on that tomorrow.
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