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If you feel stuck, consider this….

Life is a school. THEE school.
And the peeps who took the hardest classes, aka. the ones who were dragged through the toughest struggles in life are the SMARTEST! If they wake up to what it was there to teach them.
We’re not always book smart– aka. brain filled up with “facts” (fakts– some are facts are fake 😜let’s be honest). Sometimes we are 😉book smart and life smart.
Guess what?
LIFE SMART trumps book smart all day!!
When it’s fully examined to it’s roots, because LIFE is and always will be the CONTEXT –the bigger picture.
Life is ALWAYS teaching, if you are paying attention you’ll notice. She is an amazing teacher but most people miss these breath taking lessons– time and time again, generation after generation after generation, NEVER comprehending…
Then we feel stuck which is a good sign because it calls our attention to our repetitive thoughts and patterns that were passed down over and over again in our family.
That’s why history keeps repeating– in the mind, the body, in politics, in our communities, in relationships– WE KEEP REPEATING THE SAME DAMN GRADE.
You have to comprehend the lesson from the hardest classes, WAKE UP and create something new like it’s your job because it is or just pass it on…. again.
Reading is fundamental but comprehension is KEY.
Many people can read but they still don’t understand, therefore they keep taking actions that do not matter and waste their ENTIRE lives, only realizing it at the end –dying full of regret having only half lived. This is normal but also optional.