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Weight Loss is for Losers

Here’s why you will NEVER see me selling weight loss ridonculousness.

Have you ever noticed that the people trying to lose weight are ALWAYSS TRYING to lose weight? Never actually achieving sustainable results?

It’s the same as putting a bandaid on a broken leg. Maybe it looks nice for awhile but the issue still exists.

So focused on losing that they never win.

That’s why January is always packed at the gym and most people who lose weight gain it all back, and then some.

Same is true EVERYWHERE you see recurring problems—

THE ROOT IS STILL THERE, like a ghost. 👻

We live in a culture oh so THIRSTY to make the outside look good, whilst sweeping all the dirt under the rug, hoping nobody sees it.

Bending yourself into a pretzel for weight loss, for appearances or to fit an ideal that seems to solve all the problems NEVER EVER works long-term.

Which is why we are the most developed AND the most depressed…

Living a half life, completely out of alignment…
Pretending like every front doesn’t have a back…
Ignoring the issues that make “Americans eat like they have free health care” (I read this in a comment section last week 😆😵)

Is all so normal (aka, the future’s insanity) but you don’t have to take this sitting down, like we learned in school.

Join me in 21 days stronger for all the workouts you actually want to do AND the behind the scenes to help you with the mindset to keep the 🔥 burning.

Message me for the deets.

My secret: Find a way to stay fully focused on winning, not losing. CHOOSE to play to win babe.