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Your Brain on Exercise is Just Better & Better


We don’t think of exercise as a life enhancer but it is literally one of the BEST things you can do for yourself for MANY reasons.

Unfortunately, we get stuck hearing the same old, same old benefits of exercise that are good but pale in comparison to the impact exercise makes on our bodies and ultimately our LIVES.

No worries, let’s squash the ignorance/ ignoring of the facts about exercise while simulatneously motivating ourselves to make it a priority YEAR ROUND, through education.

Education is the anti-thesis of ignorance/ ignoring the truth. No need to ignore the truth when it benefits us SO MUCH & motivates us to make time for things that matter most.

Exercise doesn’t just make us look good on the outside, it makes us more POWERFUL and attractive from the inside out (when used properly).

One way exercise effects the brain is anti-aging. The anti-aging benefits of exercise primarily happen in the brain. Exercise acts as a “preserver” for the brain and constantly practices the connections that keep our brain functioning optimally.

When we are kids, we are constantly learning, playing, moving and growing— growing neural connections and this doesn’t have to stop because we get the title of “adult”.

Exercise is also one of the only KNOWN prevention activities for Alzheimer’s. The risk of Alzheimer’s increases with age but you can still reduce the risk with exercise.

Use it, or lose it applies here big time. Instead of our brain breaking down as the result of the aging process, exercise keeps our neural connections busy and builds on them consistently.

🤯Better Memory & Faster Learning

Want to remember everything like a young whipper snapper? Exercise then! Exercise is THE BEST way to increase brain function, memory and focus.

Yeaaa meditation is great and up way there but exercise has been under-estimated and down played for far too long. Don’t just build your butt and a hot body— build your brain homie.

🤯Bust Depression

Most people know that exercise is the jackpot for endorphins but they still sleep on just how powerful it can be in boosting your mood and energy level. It’s UNPARALLELED in terms of warding off depression.

Yea we learn to sit down all day at school and work our entire lives, then never feel like doing exercise– even though movement is something very natural for us but this is exactly why most people are SO sad and unhealthy. Sitting all day is UNNATURAL.

Countless studies show time and time again that exercise works like a miracle drug in helping to boost mood EVEN in the winter time! Ice cold, right?

The BEST study is actually individual self study so the only way to make sure this is true is to test it out on your own. Workout. Even better, workout with me 🙂

Good thing for you, you can get busy with tons of great workouts right here on this channel!

The best exercise is the exercise you are actually gonna do consistently– DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE.


Have fun, get smarter, younger, stronger and EMPOWERED by taking your health into your own hands. Fit Outside The Box.


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