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In my book club we are reading the book by Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, which basically boils down to  less worrying about what doesn’t benefit or add to your life (aka. Other people’s opinion) in order to spend more time on what does.
We are always doing this when we are taking care of ourselves period!
Confidence and wellness go hand in hand in this way— the following three things are CRUCIAL for both confidence and wellness.
1. Tune in.
Tuning in is the only way to know what you need daily to feel, be and live into your BEST wholly expression.
For me today that is exercise, a video for Fit Outside The Box, light meal prep & clean up, writing, reading and super healthy food that tastes good/ feels good.
2. Let go of what is not adding to your highest expression.
You gotta know the first one in order to eliminate the energy drains. Not gonna lie this one can be tough for me but dayum is it empowering.
Life is too short to waste fucks in the wrong place, on stuff you can’t control and doesn’t really do anything for us.
3. Take consistent action.
Lights, camera thennnnn action.
Taking action and having fun in the process… even when it’s not easy, even when you just messed up majorly, even when it feels like it’s going to take forever, even when there is a huge unexpected thing that comes up, even when you just want to daydream and chill.
Every damn day.
Zero F*cks logic is the same as stoicism, surrender, the serenity prayer and the non-violence movement in that we just focus on actions that matter NO MATTER WHAT is going on around us.
This morning I asked myself: What do I need to let go and let live.
Now I ask you: What do you need to LET GO of? What do you need to LET LIVE?