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Yesterday I was talking to a client and we both agreed it feels good when you are at your ideal weight —everything is just easy breezy. Plus you feel like a boss doing your workouts.

I say fighting weight because if you know the weight or even just the feeling of being able to do ALL the things at your BEST— that is your fighting weight!

After the holidays I lingered around munching on snacks which had me on that weight creep up… This past weekend I put the smack down with a few of my favorites.


Mixing things up for my taste buds, energy and routine makes all the difference when I am in transformation mode. I love to do a smoothie detox, pile up on sleep or just spend hours ALONE. Maybe this sounds weird but for me it’s always super effective in getting me back in a rhythm that is perfect for my best work, including getting back to my fighting weight.

That’s not all though, I am also—


I know fruit gets a bad name sometimes because of the sugar but sure tastes good lol. Eating it also feels good. I had alll the energy this morning when I went to take one of my favorite classes. I felt light as a feather and was so smooth doing the moves after just one day of recharging with my smoothie detox.

That’s my other clue— I get re-excited about exercise along with all of the benefits by


When I am in a rut or just feeling like I am not making progress on a goal. Usually it’s because I am not having fun or I have made it about rule following instead of pleasure. BORINGGGG.

I am not a robot therefore I require the fun, the fire and enjoyment —that comes from doing what I LOVE to do, as much as possible.


When I need to get crystal clear on my desires and direction, I love to journal it out. Sometimes I use prompts or I just dig in where things feel fuzzy and I let loose. Seeing everything on paper NEVER FAILS. I am always amped when I finish and now exactly what I need next to keep the ball rolling on my fighting weight goals.

Sometimes a little fuel from the people that inspire me the most also helps, which is why this weekend, I topped all of this with


I am old school. Motivational quotes are my absolute favorite, even over watching my favorite Youtube channel or engaging in my favorite book. Short, sweet and potent words are just my jiggy jam. With that said, here is one of my all-time favorite quotes, just for you.

“ You don’t lose because you get knocked down, you lose if you stay down.”

-Muhammad Ali

Hope this helps if you are feeling stuck at your “not so fighting weight”. If you need a plan or just some ideas to spruce up your routine, sign up for a complimentary consultation at to get expert advice from yours truly… moi.

Remember always: Unfollow the crowd, Love yourself.