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What if you stopped trying to lose weight and started living it up more?

Yeaaa… my life is pretty boring socially at the moment and guess what— My weight is up and my favorite snacks are in the kitchen straight callin’ For me (sike, he he).

Here’s the deal: “trying” to lose weight is a struggle– it even sounds this way, right?

The other day today, I was feeling quite stuffed after having some yummy lemon pound cake (mmm) for my first meal and I thought,

“why did I eat that when I have been *trying* to shrink my sweet tooth?”

It just makes me want more and more sweets.

I remembered that often THIS deprevation type thinking usually doesn’t work for me– restriction, rule following and limitation feels like punishment.

Instead I have to make it more game like, about mastery and feeling really good–

Therefore the focus is more sleep, more water, more enjoyment of fresh food, and other pleasure like expression, writing, allowing over immediate gratification and giving into a sweet.

My A game, my fighting weight and highest vibe living is right there!

Honestly, there is room for everything in a healthy diet, so long as it doesn’t harm you (if you have a sensitive stomach be careful).

However, it’s good to recogize if you feel controlled by certain foods– to be externally controlled by any substance is NOT ideal.

The goal is to be in a place where you can take it (sweets, wine, your fave food) or leave it and feel good either way– mentally and physically.

Classic detachment over attachment is this, if you’re into zen😍.

There is no one size fits all here by the way.

Only you can decide what works for yourself —through trial and error.

You deserve to feel like you get to choose NOT be a slave to your taste buds and cravings… that sucks.

Aim high– for alihgnment, for your highest expression and the rest works out.

✨Need help setting mind-body goals you can be excited about now? Inbox me.