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I’ve been reading up on 2019 fitness trends for another blog I contribute to regularly.

Group exercise is up from 2018 to THE #2 spot in 2019 because of course, it’s the shiz he he.

Especially step aerobics— we wanna have ALL the fun.

Let’s face it…. We gotta do it (almost) every day so it better be some good, good stuff!

When we look at trends, aka. Evolution in behavior around certain functions, fads don’t really factor in.

Fads come and go, change with the wind like one-hit wonders or even along with popular celebrities.

No surprise then that I saw zero deets about “under butt workouts” or “fast fat melting” or even “Keto diets” —Half HA HA, half tears at this ridonculousness.

My prediction for trends, is that we continue to move in the direction of wellness.

We spend so much time as a culture in the trends and myopic views that wellness is super vague and under explored.

However, wholeness and whole person health/ wellness is where it’s at— it’s what makes sense ALWAYS.

I’ve never had a client that successfully changed their health, weight, behaviors, NADA without changing other areas of their life as well… especially that mental.


I love connecting the dots between all the ways in which our lives are enriched when we include movement, mindfulness and treat ourselves like we freakin’ deserve to LIVE well.

We ain’t just slabs of flesh.


The trend is ALWAYS growth not stagnancy, wholeness NOT separation, the whole person not just the under-butt… connectedness not walls. 😉

My 8 Day Feel-Good Fitness Fix is almost ready. I like this better than that other thing.