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Self love isn’t mushy gush talk or gazing lovingly at your unicorn pimple in the mirror. HA HA HA!


It’s the bravest thing you’ll EVER do.

Self Love = full on self acceptance, especially the ugly stuff you wish would just go way, ew.

Another reason why self love is that ultimate middle finger!!

So not easy mannnn.

It’s FULL on self acceptance of the stuff culture gives a big ass frown👎👎👎– ohh yes. Love it.

So not for the faint of heart.

Loving yourself is thing you never ever learn through zombie “be that which everyone else likes” conditioning.

In fact self love is the EXACT opposite of what we learn.

Hot mess express celebration going down.

Mmmm mmph them flaws and horrific mistakes, embarassing failures, blemishes, unrequited love😍, looking straight stupid or whatever skeleton junk squished into the closet crevice… way in the back, he he.

Accepting thattt is the real #glowup 😍😍😍,

Especially when we accept ’em for the real jewels they are.💪✨

New Year, More You.😘