“Movimiento es vida.”

-World War Z

I LOVE that part in World War Z where Brad Pitt tells the father of this little family that they HAD to keep moving in order to stay alive OR fall prey to the super weird disease epidemic turning people into zombies, otherwise they would become zombies as well!

There were a lot of grrreat quotables in that movie honestly but OF COURSE that one was my favorite!

In real life, we must keep moving in order to stay fully ALIVE and avoid becoming zombies.

The benefits of exercise are seemingly UNREAL and borderline unbelievable that one single factor has SO much affect on the whole person—

Exercise is the only known prevention for Alzheimer’s, alongside other cognitive enhancements of improved memory, faster learning, there’s also reduced risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

ALL the things.

There are boat loads more benefits that would drop your jaw (Spark is my favorite book on the topic.)

Exercise is the primary determining factor in how a person fairs the aging process from head to toe… BUT WHY???

I want to know the even deeper than the old; “we evolved on high amounts of exercise over years and years” reasoning.

I get that, that staying still was eventually death in hunter-gatherer tribes that had to go wherever the water was available.

However, I constantly ask myself what is the REAL, deep deal with movement.

WHY is movement life?

Last night I had this massive insight/ kick in the pants… that kept me up for past my sleepy time.

What if our heart stopped beating? (Eventually it will but eh, you know what I mean.)

What if we rode the pine aka. sat on the bench for the whole game… of life?

What if the leaves stopped falling off the trees in the Fall?

What if the Earth stopped revolving around the sun? (This love affair though!)

Movement is literally life— even if we can’t go into space to see the Earth revolving around the sun, we can look around to see that life never really stops. Even when we are on the couch, life is going and going and going like the Energizer bunny.

It is possible to resist our natural inclination to move alll our moveable parts.

Sure, we can choose to stay still even with the flow of life pumping, non-stop through our veins.

Like the family in World War Z —they stayed put. The zombies will get us for sure if we sit there.

The no-brainer choice is to MOVE…. This. Is. LIFE.