I’ve been over here working on a Metabolism Magic Plan for Step Lovers that I was PRETTY EXCITED about until yesterday… I was in a messenger chat with my friend and she told me that it needed to be more shocking.

”If it’s in an e-mail, it needs to be shocking— Melt Fat or Why You’re Not Losing Weight or something.”

It all reminded me of those google ads that used to pop up on recipe blogs or anything health related.

I didn’t tell her anything but by the time the chat wrapped up, I felt lost and completely uninspired by my little Metabolism Magic  project.

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As I was driving from my class later in the day I was ready to scrap it entirely— I thought “THIS is why I don’t create fitness guides.”

THIS is why I sometimes want to run far away from the fitness industry.

Does it always have to be fake and cheesy low consciousness broken record of melting fat?

I realized that I would actually rather drive that car right over a cliff (like Thelma & Louise) than to just blend in with all the weight loss ridonculouslness immediately associated with all things health, exercise and fitness.

Weight loss is a 3 billion dollar industry— So now everyone and their mom is a fitness, wellness coach.. everyone.

If you watch enough social media, they have ALL the products, shakes, gadgets, butt builders, lower ab workouts and waist trainers to quickly fix you—

To help you *melt* fat, shrink your waist, grow your butt or tone your “bat wings”.

Ironically this is the B.S. that keeps people running back over and over with very little to show for results— all these externals include very little self awareness and lots of distraction.

Come on fitness industry—I’m so bored though!!! It makes me want to take a NAP.

Well— there is NO shortage of that available EVERY WHERE YOU TURN, except here— so feel free to go get with that and I won’t be mad.

Makes me sick yo because fitness, wellness and health is SO MUCH MORE than surface B.S.

What if I told you releasing excess weight was ALL internal?

The main reason most people fail is because humans are growth seeking beings— we deeply desire more, NOT less.

If you’re done with treating yourself like a weight loss LOSER & you want WAY more in life than the average follower— I got you covered.

Shall we?

SO—To boost your metabolism, negate muscle loss, and the subsequent weight gain that occurs naturally with the aging process as our bodies slow down, incorporate these 3 biggies into a healthy lifestyle.

1. Aim Higher

First things first— Aim higher… shoot for the moon.

Aim Higher by considering your highest inspiration. You are not trying to lose weight just to lose weight, are you?

That wouldn’t make sense. Why do you want to be in great shape? What kind of life do you want to live?

For me, I struggled to be thinner than my twin sister my entire life and the motivation was that I didn’t want to hear nor hide from the comparison that I was heftier. That only worked short term… I was like most people failing and trying everything without awareness or focus.

The thing that really clicked long term for me was finding enjoyable exercise— that really woke me up to feeling good about myself and a healthy lifestyle. I LOVED group exercise. I just wanted to learn more and more after I started & well, here I am!

I dare you to aim HIGH— Shoot for a lifestyle that makes you feel alive.

Keep searching and testing ways to feel excited about your life— exercise and food are just a part of that larger whole.

This made sense to a farmer or an athelete because their way of life kept them moving. How can this make sense in your big picture lifestyle and how you wish to really live?

Remember, most people just aim so low and superficial and that is not enough for the long haul, high quality life where fitness is an easy byproduct.

2. Sleep

100 years ago, nearly everyone got the required 8 to 9 hours of sleep.

Did you know that sleep time is when your brain does clean up, repair and memory storage?

Our brain regulates hormones that indicate hunger, satiety, low energy and basically ALL THE THINGS.

Sleep is your brain and your body’s best friend. Your metabolism magic game starts and ends with getting adequate sleep even for muscle repair.

Without this key piece most people run in circles of not having enough energy, intense cravings, over-eating and weight gain.

Get your sleep straight before you go all in anywhere else, it IS that crucial. I am always looking to improve here more than any other area because it’s just that important.

Check your caffeine levels, create a sleep schedule and get serious about your sleepy time!

3. Lift Weights & Do HIIT Workouts

Since we naturally lose muscle as the body gradually begins breaking down after hitting it’s peak around age 20, we can only preserve muscle by adding strength training into our regimen.

It’s best to vary lifting heavy and light weights for best results and everyone is different so MIX. IT. UP.

You MUST build muscle in order to hang on to a healthy metabolism throughout your life.

HIIT workouts work extremely well in also building endurance like no other form of exercise— build this in a couple times a week.

No brainer here— Grab the Metabolism Magic Workout guide & plan for Step Lovers right here.

It almost didn’t happen…. I almost got sucked into the drama of super low consciousness, low life value thinking default of the fitness industry. ALMOST, luckily this project & I survived!


By the way— as you are on YOUR fitness journey, UNAPOLOGETICALLY do it your way. Be brave. DO YOU. Unfollow the crowd and have the courage to really live what is true for you even if it means you stand alone.

This is the only way to be well.

Plus somehow, this causes everything else to fall into place.