I’m not addicted to food… Anymore.

I used to be– real talk.

I would totally use food to feel good (good, good, good).

In fact I would set aside an entire day for it and it was called my cheat day. aka. An entire day of trying to squeeze in all the things I could.

Before I even cared that much, I would just pig out whenever I wanted to wipe out a bag of cheetos or something though lol.

Food was a BIG deal, even when I wasn’t hungry– it helped me feel good:

at the end of a crappy day at a job I hated
after a night out doing total crap, just to fit in while I numbed out watching actors live it up on TV

I didn’t even know at the time but food was my drug back then.

I only noticed after it was no longer needed.

After I was finally able to really start accepting all the crap I held my self hostage for–

being flawed
being different and 
wanting SO much more than I thought was possible for me

Gradually food was still quite tasty but just a lot less of a big freakin deal.

I rarely eat junk food or even crave it.

Like now, here I am at the end of my 2nd day of a 3 day smoothie & juice detox and I am totally fine. 3 days is nothing ha ha!

It’s quite easy and mellow.

I actually feel really good & my tummy is happy.

Without realizing it, I traded my food addiction for living– really living and ALLOWING me to be me.

And nothing tastes sweeter than that.

I stay hungry for living a life that makes me #comeAlive.