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Karla Luster
Wellness & Exercise Expert
“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.
As an ACE certified Personal Trainer and AFAA certified Fitness Instructor with over 10 years of win-win experience helping change lives, I’m always looking for ways to make fitness fun, accessible and abundant for others who want more in life than the status quo. 


 Elevating, feel-good fitness experience for the WHOLE person with cardio step, barre, yoga, kickboxing and high level wellness. 
Workout Videos
We believe fitness should be accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of income level or access to a gym.
High-quality, full-length workout videos
Clean eating recipes and tips
15 minute high impact cardio workouts
Weight lifting exercises you can do at home
CrossFit, Yoga & More
Our coaching program is for everyone.
“I never thought I was coordinated enough to do a step class but your videos looked beginner-friendly enough that I thought I’d try it. You give great cues and after just a couple times through, I feel like I’m maybe not so uncoordinated after all! I’ve been undergoing chemotherapy for the past 7 months so my body is a wreck, and I need something that fits my energy level and my body’s abilities on any given day. Your videos are it!  I can modify as I need to (ie, just do the routine on flat floor, without a step, on the days I’m feeling really low, or putting some groove in and working my arms on the days I feel good). Thanks so much for sharing what you do! I’m so glad I found your channel!” Kelleigh

“You are so sweet.  I love your passion and that you care to keep people motivated to work out and have FUN.  When I don’t feel like driving to the gym to work out, I come here hahaha thank you! :)” Jodi

“I’m 15 years old I started to gain weight when I was 10 years old, and then I lost it all, and then a bunch of family stuff happened o gained over 75 pounds in about a year! so I was at 150 and then I gained more and got to 190 and my dad passed away about 5 months ago and it’s just been an uphill battle with weight so now I’m at 204 lbs, and I started your videos about a week ago and I’m down to 196!! I’m crying this makes me so happy!!! thanks, Karla for just being so motivated and trying to help people that have trouble with weight!” Brandon